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Journey so far

IntrCity RailYatri started its journey in 2011 and IntrCity SmartBus was launched in early 2019.

IntrCity SmartBus is a fleet of branded buses to give a standardized, safe, secure & comfortable bus travel experience. IntrCity SmartBus started operations with 2 cities in early 2019, and as of today we connect over 100 cities PAN India.

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Early 2019
Started Delhi Lucknow
June 2019
Started South Operations from Bangalore and Hyderabad as a hub.
Opened 1st Lounge in Lucknow.
Sep 2019
Expanded to West.
Started connecting 40 cities. Opened lounge in Bangalore.
Dec 2019
Connecting 65 cities now.
Opened lounge in Ahmedabad.
Mar 2020
Connecting 100 cities now.
Opened lounge in Hyderabad and Chennai.
May 2020
Did an industry survey to understand the inter-city travellers travel preferences post COVID world.
Aug 2020
Restarted operations after lockdown
Launched Safe+ initiative to combat Coronavirus spread
Nov 2020
Started bus operations on all the pre-COVID routes
Mar 2021
Connected 630+ destinations across India
June 2021
Completed 1 million+ trips with 5lac+ travellers
500+ million kms travelled covering 280+ cities
July 2021
Launched special seats for pregnant women, women with infants, extra tall and plus size travellers
Aug 2021
Installed water-level indicator for the in-bus washrooms water tanks
Dec 2021
IntrCity Smart partnered with Daimler India Commercial Vehicles to launch 'smart' inter-city buses
Jan 2022
Completed 51+ company owned boarding lounges and partner boarding points
May 2022
Unveils the first Brand Film - "It's not a bus, It is a SmartBus"
June 2022
Celebrated Father’s Day with our SmartBus Staff (A Gift of Health)
Aug 2022
Launched a Raksha Bandhan campaign by delivering Rakhis for some sisters who were not able to visit their brothers.

What distinguishes IntrCity from the competition?

(This can be presented as a list of features and amenities.)

Unlike any other bus aggregator model, we designed IntrCity SmartBus to be a powerful substitute for trains and a convenient mode of transportation for today's budget traveller. To ensure the best experience for travellers we work closely with the top-notch ecosystem players in these following areas:

  • Vehicle quality standardization
  • Fleet monitoring
  • IoT technology
  • Crew training
  • Pre & post boarding passenger experiences

What makes inter-city travellers fall in love with IntrCity SmartBus



SmartBus Boarding Lounges

No unwanted halts

SmartBus Captains

Sleeper beds and private Cabins

LIVE Bus tracking

In-bus washrooms


Q) Who owns IntrCity SmartBus?

A) IntrCity SmartBus is owned by IntrCity, India's leading inter-city mobility platform, offering both train and bus services to budget travelers.

Q) What is IntrCity RailYatri?

A) IntrCity RailYatri is the way few people refer to IntrCity which has two platforms, IntrCity SmartBus and RailYatri. IntrCity SmartBus, the company's flagship brand, provides safe, reliable, and standardised travel options along India's long-distance routes, operating on 600+ routes. RailYatri, a companion brand, delivers comprehensive train travel information to over 14 million people monthly.

Q) Is there a toilet in IntrCity SmartBus sleeper coaches?

A) Yes, all IntrCity SmartBus with sleeper coaches have washrooms in them.

Q) Is IntrCity SmartBus Safe?

A) We offer our travellers end-to-end travel experience and branded in-bus features for a safe journey. To ensure that travellers feel both safe and secure throughout their journey, all buses are tracked and monitored continuously from a central command centre. So, through a mix of CCTV and the bus position and the driving speed it is able to do a complete 24x7 surveillance on the bus in terms of behaviour of the bus driver and captain inside the bus.

Q) Is IntrCity SmartBus really punctual?

A) IntrCity SmartBus provides the most safe, trusted, and standardised travel options around India’s long-distance routes, operating across 700+ routes in 18 states. We strive to deliver highly punctual and reliable bus services to our passengers. Almost 90% of our journeys start on time!